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June 6, Read Listen May 30, Read Listen True or False Pregnancy Skeptoid - False pregnancies are not only real, they're probably more complex than you imagined. May 23, Read Listen Thawing the Minnesota Iceman Skeptoid - This sideshow attraction convinced a few real scientists that it was an actual ape-man.

May 16, Read Listen More Space Missions You Should Know Skeptoid - We take a look at some more of the most exciting space missions, past, present, and future. May 9, Read Listen Principles of Curiosity Skeptoid - Three simple steps anyone can follow to learn to tell what's true and what's not. May 2, Read Listen April 25, Read Listen Feral Children Skeptoid - Those stories about children raised by animals probably aren't what you've been led to believe. April 18, Read Listen April 11, Read Listen April 4, Read Listen Into Thin Error Skeptoid - Skeptoid issues another round of corrections to past episodes.

March 28, Read Listen Grounding the Ghost of Flight Skeptoid - The unexpected facts behind this famous ghost story from the s. March 21, Read Listen Rhino Horn: Cure or Curse? March 14, Read Listen Beethoven's Hair Skeptoid - Popular stories claim Beethoven died of lead poisoning, but the science so far doesn't hold up. March 7, Read Listen Remembering the Mandela Effect Skeptoid - Some claim that certain common false memories are evidence for alternate realities.

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February 28, Read Listen February 21, Read Listen Listener Feedback: Electric Boogaloo Skeptoid - Skeptoid answers another round of listener feedback, keeping the show on the straight and narrow. February 14, Read Listen Who Were the Berserkers? February 7, Read Listen January 31, Read Listen Thorium Reactors: Fact and Fiction Skeptoid - These next-generation reactors have attracted a nearly cultish following. January 24, Read Listen How Your Credit Card Got Stolen Skeptoid - Here are the most likely ways that your credit card got stolen, and how you can prevent it in the future.

January 17, Read Listen How Your Password Got Stolen Skeptoid - The facts, fiction, and real risk to you of all these high-profile data breaches online. January 10, Read Listen The D. January 3, Read Listen Space Missions You Should Know Skeptoid - A roundup of the most exciting and important space missions you really need to know about. December 27, Read Listen The Mad Gasser of Mattoon Skeptoid - In , a strange night prowler is believed to have made poison gas attacks in Illinois. December 20, Read Listen December 13, Read Listen Bruce Lee Myths Skeptoid - More mythology than fact surrounds this enigmatic figure from martial arts films.

December 6, Read Listen November 29, Read Listen There's No Such Thing as Race November 22, Read Listen November 15, Read Listen Feedback and Followups Skeptoid - Some nifty extra information for a few recent episodes supplied by listeners in the know. November 8, Read Listen White Hat Journal Hoaxes Skeptoid - Sometimes the best way to scrutinize an open access journal is to hoax them.

November 1, Read Listen Photographic Memory Skeptoid - Pop culture tells us that some people have photographic memories, but the truth is quite different. October 25, Read Listen Defusing India's Ancient Atomic Blasts Skeptoid - The facts behind an urban legend claiming a nuclear war in India some 12, years ago. October 18, Read Listen Feng Shui Today Skeptoid - Feng shui is much more than just a debunked way to magically arrange furniture.

October 11, Read Listen October 4, Read Listen September 27, Read Listen Debunking the Moon Truthers, Part 3 Skeptoid - The hard, testable, scientific proof that we actually did land humans on the moon. September 20, Read Listen Debunking the Moon Truthers, Part 2 Skeptoid - The science behind many of the specific claims made by Apollo moon landing hoax conspiracy theorists. September 13, Read Listen Debunking the Moon Truthers, Part 1 Skeptoid - The history of the Apollo moon landing hoax conspiracy theory, and those who believe in it. September 6, Read Listen Earthquake Lights: Do They Exist?

August 30, Read Listen August 23, Read Listen Who Killed the Red Baron? August 16, Read Listen The Banjawarn Bang Skeptoid - Evidence suggests a doomsday cult may have successfully tested a nuclear bomb in Australia in August 9, Read Listen No, You Shouldn't Question Everything Skeptoid - Pop wisdom continually reminds us to Question Everything -- an idea which is rarely either practical or useful.

August 2, Read Listen Wrongy McWrongface Skeptoid - Skeptoid corrects another batch of errors from previous episodes. July 26, Read Listen July 19, Read Listen Conjuring Up the Warrens Skeptoid - The Conjuring 2 tells a story that is fictional in a way you might not have guessed. July 12, Read Listen Sky Trumpets Skeptoid - From all over the world come reports of strange trumpet-like blasts from the sky.

July 5, Read Listen June 28, Read Listen Colony Collapse Disorder: Science and Pseudoscience Skeptoid - Everyone loves to point the finger at the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder; here's what we actually know. June 21, Read Listen How Do Homing Pigeons Navigate? June 14, Read Listen June 7, Read Listen May 31, Read Listen May 24, Read Listen Alien Implants Skeptoid - Some of those who believe they've been abducted by aliens also think they were left with a souvenir.

May 17, Read Listen Listener Feedback: Denial and Aliens Skeptoid - Skeptoid answers some feedback sent in by listeners. May 10, Read Listen Antibiotics and Hormones in Beef Skeptoid - One of pop food woo's favorite claims is that drugs given to beef cattle pose a danger to humans. May 3, Read Listen Demythologizing the Shaolin Monks Skeptoid - Just about everything you think you know about the Shaolin Monks was made up for tourists. April 26, Read Listen All About Absinthe Skeptoid - This mysterious alcoholic drink is the subject of more urban legends than any other liquor.

April 19, Read Listen Your Thoughts on Making Skepticism Commercial Skeptoid - A proposal for how we can make skeptical programming more attractive to a larger audience.

Blu-ray Review: “Urban Legend” Collector’s Edition Scares Up 90s Nostalgia

April 12, Read Listen April 5, Read Listen Decrypting Mother Teresa Skeptoid - It's popular to criticize Mother Teresa, but that criticism might be better directed at the real culprit. March 29, Read Listen March 22, Read Listen Student Questions: Multiple Intelligences and the Gender Pay Gap Skeptoid - Skeptoid answers another round of questions sent in by students all around the world.

March 15, Read Listen Ninjas Unmasked Skeptoid - These superheroes of martial arts lore may not be exactly what you thought they were. March 8, Read Listen Demythologizing the Knights Templar Skeptoid - More pseudohistory than fact surrounds this ancient order's depictions in pop culture. March 1, Read Listen February 23, Read Listen Bad Skepticism: Why You Should Challenge Popular Assumptions Skeptoid - From swamp gas and waterspouts to alternative medicine, the harm of not challenging popular assumptions. February 16, Read Listen February 9, Read Listen Growing Skeptical of Hair Restoration Skeptoid - As long as people lose their hair, the market will remain flooded with sham remedies.

February 2, Read Listen January 26, Read Listen Listener Feedback: Killing the Comments Skeptoid - Your comments on our decision to remove the comments from Skeptoid episode transcript pages.

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January 19, Read Listen January 12, Read Listen A Little Curiosity Skeptoid - If you haven't yet found your curiosity in the first episodes of Skeptoid, find it here. January 5, Read Listen The Hope Diamond: A Curse Deconstructed Skeptoid - Find out how the obviously false story of a curse came to be associated with this famous diamond. December 29, Read Listen Did the Christmas Truce Really Happen?

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  • Modeling Dyadic and Interdependent Data in the Developmental and Behavioral Sciences.

December 22, Read Listen A Skeptical Look at the Rorschach Test Skeptoid - The famous Rorschach inkblot test is not a window into the subconscious, and doesn't tell us anything useful. December 15, Read Listen The Russian Sleep Experiment Skeptoid - Russian test subjects are said to have done unspeakably horrible things when sleep deprived. December 8, Read Listen December 1, Read Listen Black Mold: Peril or Prosaic? November 24, Read Listen How Real Is the Stockholm Syndrome?

November 17, Read Listen Pouring Cold Water on Cryotherapy Skeptoid - Questioning whether this new spa treatment provides all the medical benefits it claims. November 10, Read Listen November 3, Read Listen Deconstructing the Tasaday Tribe Skeptoid - Some say this tribe of "gentle savages", discovered in , was just a hoax. October 27, Read Listen October 20, Read Listen Who Was Charles Fort? October 13, Read Listen About That s Global Cooling October 6, Read Listen September 29, Read Listen Holocaust Denial Skeptoid - Why some people think the Holocaust never happened, and what to do about it.

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September 22, Read Listen More Unsung Women of Science Skeptoid - Some women you haven't heard of who made significant contributions to science. September 15, Read Listen Unsung Women of Science Skeptoid - These important scientists are virtually unknown. September 8, Read Listen September 1, Read Listen August 25, Read Listen The Nazi of Nanking Skeptoid - This most unlikely of guardian angels saved hundreds of thousands of Chinese lives. August 18, Read Listen Chemicals Skeptoid - Chemicals are deadly, delicious, essential and basically, everything.

August 11, Read Listen Listener Feedback: Natural History Skeptoid - Today we're going to answer questions sent in by listeners pertaining to episodes having to do with our natural world. August 4, Read Listen Wag the Dogman Skeptoid - They say that a half-canine cryptid stalks the woods of Northern Michigan. July 28, Read Listen July 21, Read Listen Listener Feedback: History vs. July 14, Read Listen Solfeggio Frequencies Skeptoid - Certain specific sonic frequencies are not the key to love, intuition, or spiritual order.


July 7, Read Listen The Loveland Frog Skeptoid - A series of sightings of a frog-like humanoid in the suburb of Loveland, Ohio prompts an enduring folkloric legend. June 30, Read Listen June 16, Read Listen Marijuana Skeptoid - In the last 50 years, marijuana has gone from menace to medicine. June 9, Read Listen Jade Helm 15 Skeptoid - Conspiracy theory that a military training exercise is going to lead to martial law. June 2, Read Listen Listener Feedback: Fads Skeptoid - Brian responds to some listener feedback concerning the topic of fads.

May 26, Read Listen Baby Myths Skeptoid - A look at some common myths about babies and children.


May 19, Read Listen May 12, Read Listen Agenda 21 Skeptoid - A look at the conspiratorial hysteria and sensationalism surrounding the United Nations' Agenda May 5, Read Listen The Lake Michigan Triangle Skeptoid - There is a region in the Great Lakes where, some say, ships and planes mysteriously disappear. April 28, Read Listen Transgender: Fact or Fiction? April 21, Read Listen Satanic Ritual Abuse Skeptoid - The history of claims that secret Satanic cults are abusing children.

April 14, Read Listen Cryptids That Turned Out To Be Real Skeptoid - Sometimes speculative animals do turn out to be real, but that still doesn't validate cryptozoology as a science. April 7, Read Listen Plastic Bags Skeptoid - Deciding whether you want "paper or plastic" at the supermarket turns out to be a remarkably complex choice. March 31, Read Listen Listener Feedback: The Environment Skeptoid - Brian responds to listener feedback on past episodes about environmental topics.

March 24, Read Listen Science Fails Skeptoid - Science has let you down time after time, and that's one reason why it gets better and better. March 17, Read Listen Forgetting the Alamo Skeptoid - The myths and facts behind the events that made the Alamo famous reveal it may not be worth remembering much.