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But then, I didn't send the song to the Oscars, the makers did.

I just composed the tune in three weeks and was done with it. However, I too feel 'Jai Ho' was apt for that particular moment in the film—the protagonist comes out of darkness and pain to light amid 'Jai Ho' hammering in the background.

Ravi & Liv - Ho Hey

Bhasker Gupta of AllMusic labelled the song a highlight of the soundtrack. He praised Sukhwinder Singh , saying that he "does an amazing job". Petersburg Times called the song and its choreography "brilliant". He described it as "two lovers consummating their long, winding courtship not with sex but a hand-waving, side-stepping, totally cathartic shimmy". Tutej complimented Sukhwinder Singh's vocals as being "energetic" and concluded that the singer "can comfortably add on another big chartbuster to his name".

He also stated that the song, while "boasting of an amazing mix of melody and rhythm" remains "Indian at heart" and is "instantly catchy". He concluded that: "No wonder, it is the lone promotional song of the film and also sees a music video being dedicated to it.

Ryann Leete Ho Hey - video dailymotion

Gulzar saab celebrates the spirit of love and life with 'Jai Ho' and infuses enough power in it that justifies all the nominations it is receiving today". There are remixes and tributes, too". Saya ", also of Slumdog Millionaire, by A. Rahman and M. The song served as the opening of the ceremony. The song's lyricist, Gulzar, made a guest appearance during the performance.

Rahman modified the song to "set it in sync with the live orchestra and make it suitable for a stage presentation". An editor from Sify wrote that, during the performance of "Jai Ho", "the chant at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium , many would swear, was magical". The lyrics have been written by a combination of people, they will be projecting what the Congress wishes to communicate".

A video was also shot for this version. After watching Slumdog Millionaire , record executives Ron Fair and Jimmy Iovine wanted to turn "Jai Ho" into a " pop record without deviating from the original melody". After getting a green-light from Rahman, they asked Scherzinger, the leader singer of the Pussycat Dolls, to write an interpretation of the song. Scherzinger was hesitant at first, stating in an interview that: "[ Love and destiny were elements from the movie that she put into the track".

She stated that she "prayed every night to do this right".

10 love songs that aren't really about love at all

Kidd Bogart , a member of The Writing Camp, stated that: "They [Fair and Iovine] wanted to get a bunch of different versions to see who could nail a version for the Pussycat Dolls". Once all interpretations were complete, "they [Fair and Iovine] took parts of The Writing Camp version, parts of Ester Dean's version, and parts of another version, and they put them together, and then Nicole [Scherzinger] and Ron [Fair] filled in the blanks that they thought were missing". Bogart additionally stated that it was "a very unique and awkward way of writing a song".

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The Lumineers Talk Songwriting & the Making of ‘Cleopatra’

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The Denver-based New Jersey natives started to unlock the code while they were writing the album in the Catskills, where Felice lives and works. It was an interesting story, but we wanted there to be a hook; we wanted to find a way to relieve the listener and not just keep pummeling them with verse after verse. And when we went backward and looked at the fact that I had some of these themes and characters, I realized we could create a world where they could all live together, that we could create a bigger story—the study of a family.

There would be a family tree spanning three generations: the grandmother, Gloria Sparks; her son, Jimmy Sparks; and her grandson, Junior Sparks. Each would be the focus of a three-song chapter, with the other two figuring in the unfolding narrative, the time frame constantly shifting.

After 14 years of Wes and I collaborating, it seems like strong ideas are just flowing out of us quicker and better than ever before. When Kate arrived at a lake near her homestead, looking for ducks, she found a rattlesnake instead. She shot and killed it, but then she noticed one, two, three more — so she shot those, too.

Harper, Graveman, League Drama, Farnsworth, Ho Ho Ho, and Other Bullets

Realizing she had disturbed an entire rattlesnake den — her son perched atop the pony yards away — Kate grabbed a sign and started clubbing them to death. She fought for two hours, she would later tell neighbors and newspapers , and killed snakes. In , Pekarek stumbled upon the dress Kate made out of those snakeskins at the history museum in the small town of Greeley, Colo. The dress , reminiscent of a flapper shift with snake tails as tassels, stands in a dark, airtight container; you have to push a button to light it up. By late , on tour with the Lumineers, Pekarek was itching for a creative outlet, something of her own.

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So she started writing songs. Rattlesnake Kate had stuck with her all those years, too. But once they heard it, her friends told her that she should take the song seriously — that it was good. Then, Pekarek dove deeper, making trips to the Greeley museum to find out all she could about this woman, beyond the rattlesnakes. And what she learned was that Kate was in no way typical of her time : She was married and divorced six times; kept up a year correspondence with a colonel, known as Buckskin Bill, whom she never met; and wore pants, which was uncommon for women.