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Die Die Dinosaur by Michael Sikkema

In , the band delivered its sophomore album Aardvark, again produced by Felix Pappalardi. Against that backdrop, Kensington Market would soon splinter. As for Bernie Finkelstein, he went on to found True North Records, release well over albums, garner every accolade imaginable and manage Bruce Cockburn, which he still does to this day. In , soul music was experiencing a glorious peak and blue-eyed soul was right there with it, best exemplified by The Young Rascals and their string of superb hit records. With guitarist Domenic Troiano and powerhouse vocalist Roy Kenner in tow, success seemed right around the corner.

Geils Band would revive it on their album Hotline, yet again on Atlantic. The mind boggles at the mere possibility. Each is an unalloyed masterpiece, the pinnacle of lyrical and musical sophistication and the basis for the adulation that still envelopes Joni to this day. As of the release of his September Hitchhiker album, 45 studio albums and counting, plus a brace of compilations and live recordings, ALL have been released by the Warner Music Group, all on Reprise, save for the five Geffen albums from the 80s, itself then distributed by WMG.

Initially it was not a great start to the Reprise relationship. The album was selling well in Canada but just OK in the U. Had it not been for that Seattle DJ, Gordon Lightfoot might never have become the legend that helped define the folk-pop sound of the s and s.

In he moved to Montreal, evading the draft as a conscientious objector to the Vietnam war, and in he would become a Canadian citizen. That fact and being a superb artist and songwriter with a year career are more than enough reasons to include him here.

He would record eight albums for Warner Bros. But his sandwich effort, Brave Belt, is decidedly less well known. Formed as a trio with his brother Robbie on drums and former Guess Who member Chad Allan, Brave Belt released two albums, Brave Belt 1 in and — you guessed it - Brave Belt 2 a year later, both to little notice.

But the music recorded for Brave Belt 3 had an altogether different outcome. Reprise dropped the band after Brave Belt 2, at which point Randy shopped the music aggressively. Mercury Records liked what they heard and Brave Belt 3 became the first Bachman-Turner Overdrive album, launching a hard rock juggernaut that would sell over 30 million records.

The domestic roster of the variously named Canadian Warner companies started slowly but steadily gained momentum as the 70s wore on. The first domestic signing was a single by the Montreal born artist Karen Young. The single was a modest success, climbing to 35 on the RPM top singles charts. Karen went on to record many jazz albums, and she is the mother of contemporary jazz vocalist Coral Egan.

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In the early 70s, there were two noteworthy domestic releases. The first was Dusty Shoes from Winnipeg rockers Next, released in The other is rather more famous in record collector circles. Toronto blues rockers Whiskey Howl have quite a story. Of note is the producer of the self-titled Whiskey Howl album — none other than multi—instrumentalist and Allman Brothers producer Johnny Sandlin, who brought with him a young piano player, Chuck Leavell, soon to become famous as a session player, Rolling Stones sideman and Allmans member.

Despite its undeniable excellence, Whiskey Howl did not break through. By , the band had called it quits, living on in the hearts and minds of blues enthusiasts to this day.

Kenyatta Jean-Paul Garcia (Author of Playing Dead)

In , brother and sister then stepped out professionally under their own name, and Jacques Chenier was there with a contract. I flew in to Montreal for the release party the branch threw in a hotel ballroom. The place was packed. Richard borrowed it in the middle of the party and never gave it back! Richard was first to hit the big time. In , he collaborated with Serge Fiori, ex of the hugely popular Harmonium, which had just disbanded.

Marie-Claire would also enjoy a solid career, recording seven solo albums released over three decades. Atlantic Records had been purchased by Warner Bros. Meanwhile, the domestic roster was about to shift into a higher gear. The astute reader will have noticed a common theme about the early domestic Warner signings — one album and out.

Materick would release three albums on the Asylum label the red-hot Asylum logo was one that Materick wanted to associate with. The latter two were produced by Don Potter and feature a very young Daniel Lanois. Ray is still making music to this day. In , Warner Bros.

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A folk masterpiece, their eponymous debut, co-produced by the legendary Joe Boyd with Greg Prestopino, was and still is universally lauded to this day. The UK in particular embraced the album and Kate and Anna went on to be especially popular there. Record sales however continued to be modest. True Myth was recorded using the father of digital recording, Dr. Firmly rooted in the then massively popular prog scene, airplay and sales were scant. Christopher Ward was then in the early stages of a multi-faceted and very successful career.

In other words, the perfect setting. These guys had it all - and the audience in the palms of their hands.

On The Issues Magazine: Winter A Whole New Ball Game by Angell Delaney

In that dingy bar, they came across as rock stars. I was gobsmacked from the moment they hit the stage.

SYF 2008 Central Judging for Display Band-Deyi

They were the real thing and I knew that we had to sign them. Road-tight and ready to record after honing their craft on the western bar circuit, Muth put the band in the studio with producer George Semkiw. What people might not know though is that the album almost never saw the light of day. Instead, I just started throwing invoices in my desk drawer until the album was finished. It lives on via Youtube today. Bereft of hits, album sales dipped from platinum to gold. It was a relatively brief, extraordinarily intense relationship — three albums in three years - but both Streetheart and WEA Canada emerged as winners.

While The Band was never signed to a Warner Music Group label per se, no narrative of this sort would be complete without a mention of the release of The Last Waltz, the aural document of their famous November 25, swansong, recorded live at Winterland in San Francisco.


If there ever were musicians that felt like they belonged on Warner Bros. This album, exhaustively chronicled elsewhere, is the closest it ever came to reality. Warner Bros. Via his song writing partner John Capek, Marc Jordan had attracted the attention of a heavy hitting U. In Marc would record Reckless Valentine for U. It remains an overlooked and quite stunning recording. It might be said that the same good fortune that smiled on Marc Jordan also found Oakville band The Kings. Liking what he heard, Ezrin offered the band to Elektra, which had been after him to bring them an act.

It was a pervasive multi-format smash, driving gold album sales in Canada and charting the album as high as 74 in America.