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Judge Philip Kramer will determine the legal dispute, fought under the Law of Property Act , with a ruling on a later date. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Please wait Future London. Progress The Londoner. The Reader. Matthew d'Ancona.

Step-sis battle over parents' £300k inheritance use 100-year-old law to settle case

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Family Inheritance by Deborah LeBlanc

A List. He said: "The only evidence which could point unequivocally to the sequence of death is the relative differences in decomposition, but does it?

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The first is that Mrs Scarle pre-deceased her husband, the second that the micro-environment of the toilet area was warmer than the lounge. Section applies and the younger is deemed to have survived the elder. Mr Weale said following the decision: "The High Court gave judgment today in an extraordinary case which required a judge to determine the order in which the parents of two step-sisters died. M r and Mrs Scarle began their relationship in and bought the property in using the proceeds of the sale of Mrs Scarle's former house. Mr Scarle cared full time for his wife in the final years of her life.

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She suffered a stroke and brain haemorrhage between and and had trouble walking, relying on a walking frame and wheelchair to get around. He was last seen on October 3 or 4, when he told a neighbour he was "getting the car ready for Ann" so they could drive to have lunch together. A card from Mrs Cutler wishing the couple well on their 26th wedding anniversary, which arrived at the house on October 7, was found opened - indicating at least one of them was alive then.

The couple were found dead on the evening of October 11 and their home had been "turned upside down" by vandals and burglars, the court heard. As a child a big part of reading for me was in the illustrations as well as the words. In those days book illustration, especially for children, was not considered an art, so hardly any of the artists are credited for their work. I was surprised to find she was a Canadian who was born in in the small town of Rugby in the Ontariotownship of Oro, which would become the setting for many of her early novels.

Reading it again now, the prose seems old-fashioned — wooden and stilted, the stories full of telling and not showing, but as a child I adored them. By using a magnifying glass I can see some of the pictures are signed with Morgan Rendle, but I know little about the artist, except that the pictures are in the style of the well-known Scottish illustrator Anne Anderson. But in whatever way it appeared, it was seen only by those who were pure in heart. Which book will you leave to the generations below you and why?

To pass on to the next generation I would choose the complete works of Roald Dahl. My daughter loved these, especially Matilda , the story of the girl who loved reading and her horrible parents. These days book illustrators are recognised as the artists they are, which is wonderful.